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Our Vaporizers are temperature-compensated, suitable for Core, General Practices & Veterinary Hospitals (Tier 1, 2 & 3) RCVS Accredited Practices.

Vaporizers available with standard CAGEMOUNT or SELECTATEC QUICK-RELEASE connectors.
NEW Isotec MK3 Isoflurane Vaporizer
NEW SEVOFLURANE MK3 Vaporizer. Defeat the Drug Cartel, buy your own Vaporizer!
NEW Isotec MK4 Isoflurane Vaporizer
Factory reconditioned ISOFLURANE MK3 VAPORIZER, pour filler, Cagemount
Factory reconditioned ISOFLURANE MK3 VAPORIZER, pour filler, Selectatec
Factory reconditioned ISOFLURANE MK3 VAPORIZER, keyed filler, Cagemount
Factory reconditioned ISOFLURANE MK3 VAPORIZER, keyed filler, Selectatec
Factory reconditioned ISOFLURANE MK4 VAPORIZER keyed filler, Selectatec
Factory reconditioned ISOFLURANE MK5 VAPORIZER keyed filler, Selectatec
Trade-in ISOTEC MK3  for new SEVOFLURANE MK3 Vaporizer
New Selectatec compatibility block, complete with 5/8“ mounting block
Key-filler bottle-adaptor: for pollution-free filling and draining of Keyed-Filler vaporizers
                                                  Key-fill adaptor                                                           Selectatec compatability block
The SELECTATEC vaporizer quick-release system facilitates safe and rapid changing of vaporizers. This is particularly useful when a new anaesthetic agent, such as Sevoflurane, is being introduced into a practice. Eliminates down-time when vaporizer servicing is due. It can also reduce the total number of vaporizers needed in a surgery.
The traditional CAGEMOUNT mounting comprises a 23mm Male inlet taper, and a 23mm Female outlet taper.


MK3 VAPORIZER - standard service charge                   £80
MK3 VAPORIZER - standard service-exchange              £80

CERTIFICATION, including dated service-due label, as required by RCVS Practice Standards, issued free-of-charge.

We can also offer the advantage of service-exchange facilities on vaporizers supplied by O'Neill Medicalia. Other vaporizers accepted subject to assessment of condition. We can send you special vaporizer packaging, to enable you to safely send your vaporizer to us for servicing.

N.B. Vaporizers are high-precision instruments and cannot be serviced and calibrated on site. Annual servicing protects your investment in these critically important items and is generally required for insurance purposes. The world's largest manufacturer of vaporizers, Ohmeda / Cyprane, firmly recommends annual servicing. We have 37 years experience of servicing vaporizers.

ISOTEC MK3 VAprozer with Selectatec connector & keyed-filler                                           ISOTEC MK4 with Selectatec                                             Sevoflurane MK3 Vaporizer with Cagemount inlet & pour-filler

About Us

O'Neill Medicalia has over 35 years experience of
servicing all types of veterinary equipment. We
offer a comprehensive equipment management
and servicing programme for anaesthetic machines
and vaprozers.

We routinely issue certification, free of charge, to
satisfy the requirements of the 2010 RCVS practice
standards, as well as insurers, health & safety
agencies etc.

Our Location

10 Percy Street
L8 7LU

0151 708 5268
07866 592 702

Business Hours

Our support team are always more than
happy to assist you. Our Office opening
times are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 9:00am to 17:00pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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