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Veterinary Anaesthesia Specialists


       Medicalia can supply

  • New anaesthetic trolleys for 'E' or 'F' size cylinders, and/or pipeline supply. We design & manufacture in-house, guaranteeing quality & service back-up
  • Servicing. Routine and emergency servicing of anaesthetic equipment, with free certification in compliance with RCVS Practice Standards requirements.
  • New wall-mounted anaesthetic machines for piped gas.
  • Low-cost Piped-Oxygen installation, a great investment which pays for itself! Phone  0151_708_5268 for instant quote. Usually installed in one day!
  • Reconditioned ex-NHS machines, over 80 in stock. See website for details. Telephone for precise specification (with written confirmation) and price.
  • 'Activent'® anaesthetic waste gas scavenging unit, with built-in air-break. Inexpensive - easily installed. Can obviate the need for personal dosimetry!
  • Autoclaves, British made, - wide range. Vacuum & non-vacuum. Discounts!
  • Pulse Oximeter, SPO2 and Respiration Rate. Lingual sensor. Inexpensive!
  • Multiparameter Veterinary Monitor, 10.4” TFT display, with 7 waveforms: ECG; SpO2; NIBP; Temp; Resp;
    Pulse Rate; EtCO2; and Multi-Gas/O2.
  • Vaporizers, temperature-compensated, new & recon. Isoflurane, Sevoflurane
  • Thinking of using SEVOFLURANE (which has now gone generic)?                         
    Beat the drug cartel!
    Buy your own Vaporizer, & source cheapest Agent.   
  • We sell new Sevoflurane Vaporizers, & buy, or allow partex on old Vaporizers
  • Annual servicing of Vaporizers, with free RCVS approved certification.
  • Vaporizer service-exchange scheme, minimising down-time
  • Trade-in of Fluotec MK3 for Isotec Isoflurane vaporizer
  • Trade-in of Isotec MK3 for Sevotec Sevoflurane Vaporizer
  • We may offer a trade-in allowance for old or obsolescent vaporizers
  • Comprehensive range of Patient Breathing Circuits permanently in stock
  • High-efficiency Circle Absorber, ideal for Isoflurane & Sevoflurane
  • Apnoea monitors, affordable and reliable, comprehensive features
  • Anaesthetic sundries - pressure reducing valves, bull-nose or pin-index
  • Oxygen flow meter, therapy type, 0 - 5 litres per minute.
  • Pin-index seals, bull-nose 'O' rings, cylinder keys, Isoflurane key-fillers etc
  • Veterinary weighing scales, digital readout.  Three models to choose from.
  • Conversion of cylinder-fed  anaesthetic machines to pipeline operation





The RCVS practice standards scheme manual, 2010 edition, item 5.9:

"There must be a programme of regular care and maintenance of Anaesthetic Equipment (Legal/Best Practice)"

"Anaesthetic equipment must be subject to professional maintenance according to the manufacturers' recommendations. Regular service records must be produced for all anaesthetic equipment"

O'NEILL MEDICALIA has over 28 years experience of servicing all types of veterinary equipment. We offer a comprehensive equipment management and servicing programme for anaesthetic machines and vaporizers. We routinely issue certification, free of charge, to satisfy the requirements of the 2010 RCVS practice standards, as well as insurers, health and safety agencies, etc. We also offer a service exchange scheme for vaporizers. Please telephone  0151_708_5268 for instant quote.

Customers are invited to view our new and used equipment at our showroom and warehouse.

Home    Oxygen Concentrator    Services    Contact Details    F-size Cylinders    E-size Cylinders    Scavenging/Pollution  
 Portable/Wall Mounted 
Piped Gas Installation  Vaporizers    Patient Circuits     Monitors