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 MODIFIED AYRES T-PIECE (paediatric version)
The circuit of choice for smaller animal anaesthesia. It has been designed to overcome the difficulty of effectively scavenging waste gas, which has been a problem with the standard Ayres T-piece. Complete with 500ml closed tail reservoir bag and APL (Adjustable Pressure Limiting) valve with 30mm scavenging port. It has a fixed secondary pressure blow-off, set at 28cm water. Fresh-gas flow rate 2 -2.5 times patient minute volume. Patient weight up to 7Kg.
Order PC-2122     Price £18


Ideal for pups, kittens or birds. Similar to basic Ayres T-piece, this circuit has extremely low dead space. Supplied with Portex 8.5mm mini-link endotracheal connector. Complete with 500ml open-tail reservoir bag. Fresh-gas flow rate should be 2-2.5 times patient minute volume.
Order PC-2125     Price £15


Suitable for patients in the 1 – 10 Kg range. Very low resistance to flow. Easy to clean smooth-bore tubing. This non-rebreathing circuit comes with a 500ml reservoir bag, and an expiratory APL valve with standard 30mm Male waste-gas scavenging exhaust. port. This port can be easily linked to any waste gas disposal system, including our ACTIVENT scavenger.  This is an ideal system for dental or head and neck surgery as there are no valves at the patient end of the system. Suggested fresh-gas flow rate 200mL / Kg / Minute.
Order PC-ML    Price £149


This non re-breathing system is a modified version of the Lack co-axial system. Comes complete with
2 Litre re-breathing bag and APL / scavenging valve. 22mm diameter lightweight tubes ensure a smooth unrestricted gas flow. No directional flow valves are employed in this system and it runs at 1-1.5 times the normal patient volume. Patients should be 10Kg or above.

Order PC-2106     Price £18


Basic breathing system with compact parallel Y-piece for use with Circle Absorbers.  Suitable for use with small animals and colts.

Order PC-2000     Price £12


Unique co-axial circuit for use with Circle-Absorbers. All the advantages of the BAINS circuit, with the economy of the CIRCLE-ABSORBER. Particularly suited for use with CASCA (Circle Absorber System for Companion Animals) Very low resistance to flow. Expired gases in outer tube heat up the incoming gases in the inner tube, improving humidity and conserving body heat. Neat, streamlined, tube within tube design reduces clutter at patient end of circuit.
Order PC-Unicircle.   Price £18

     Scavenging Tubing , Order PC-Scavenging. Price per Metre £2.00

     Scavenging Tubing Adaptor 22mm Male to 30mm Female, Order PC-22M/30F. Fits APL scavenging port.

     Scavenging Tubing Adaptor 22mm Male to 22mm Female, Order PC-22M/22F £1.50
     Scavenging Tubing Adaptor 22mm Male to 30mm Male, Order PC-22M/30M £2.00

Complete circuit, including Adjustable Pressure Valve, with 22mm scavenging connection and 2 Metres scavenging tubing, 16oz [450 g] soda-lime canister, 2 litre bag and Portex swivel connector. Suggested patient weight: over 10kg.
Order PC-Waters.     Price £255


ircle Breathing System
The most widely used non-disposable Veterinary Circle in use in the U.K.  Designed to offer low resistance to flow.  It is suitable for use with patients in the body-weight range of 7-150Kg., offering potentially substantial savings in the use of Isoflurane and Sevoflurane.  Large capacity (1.3Kg) easy-fill canister.  High visibility one-way valves.  Medical 'V' type mounting, easy to fit and remove.  Easily fitted to any Anaesthetic Machine.  MRI compatible version available.

Cyclo-Flow Circle Breathing System is supplied complete with: 2 Litre rebreathing bag; 22mm x 1.6 Metre Patient Circuit; 'V' mounting plate and bracket; user manual

Price £495


ISO-MISER ®, Circle Absorber, economy version. Patient weight above10 Kg.
Iso-Miser is the rationally designed replacement for the circular Polycarbonate CO2 absorber, generally known as the
‘Hamster Wheel’, which had many failings, the worst of which was the need for ‘extenders’ or ‘stand-off’ fittings to enable it to be connected to the fresh-gas outlet. On the Iso-Miser, the fresh gas inlet is a 22mm Female taper immediately behind the inspiratory port, in the top left-hand corner of the absorber. This allows it to be mounted directly onto most modern anaesthetic machines. Large directional valves offer minimal resistance to gas flow. A mushroom valve in the scavenging port is designed to relieve at 2 Cm H2O, which is near ideal back-pressure to lightly extend the reservoir bag, without having to ‘fiddle’ with the airway pressure limiting valve. Supplied complete with patient breathing tubing, 2 Litre reservoir bag, and 30mm to 22mm scavenging connector. Price £135


ACTIVENT ®  Low-cost Active pollution scavenging system, with built-in Air-Break.

The RCVS Practice Standards section 5.12 paragraph 4 states:

"If a sophisticated active scavenging system is in operation, it must be serviced annually. A test certificate must be available and is an acceptable alternative to personal dosimetry."

Activent can pay for itself in 12 months!!  E.G. 20 x Fluosorber @ £15 each = £300. Personal dosimetry for say 6 staff, @ £40 each, £240, Savings year 1, £245.

  Activent is a fan-driven, single-station anaesthetic waste-gas exhaust system. Unlike Fluosorbers (which are bacterial hazards), Activent will remove all anaesthetic waste gases, including Nitrous Oxide. It is normally wall-mounted, adjacent to the Anaesthetic work-station. The design incorporates a fixed 3-Litre reservoir, with one end open to atmosphere via 4 inlet vents on top of the unit. This built-in AIR BREAK acts as a safeguard against any possibility of the system generating a positive or negative pressure at the patient end. ACTIVENT draws approximately 8 Litres per minute of room air, into which the waste gas is very simply directed via standard 30mm connectors and 22mm flexible scavenging tubing (supplied). The air and waste-gas mixture is actively propelled out of the top of the unit to the point of disposal, up to a distance of 15 Metres. The 3 Litre air-break ensures that any large exhalation, and/or squeezing of the reservoir bag at the patient end does not spill over into the work environment. Illuminated ON/OFF rocker switch, with Red Power "ON" indicator. A green light illuminates to indicate when the fan is running, as the unit is near silent in operation. Our competitors offer air-breaks at £595.68 each! Easily installed by the average handyman using the Starter Kit provided.

Included in the price:       30mm-22mm connector with 2 Metres scavenging tubing, connects patient-circuit scavenging (APL) exhaust valve to Activent; ‘V’ plate & bracket wall-mounting kit; AC to DC Power Supply Unit; Installation Starter Kit, this is sufficient to take the waste gases up from the Activent, into a right angled connector, through a wall (22mm diameter hole) to the exterior of a building, terminating in a ‘tee-piece’. Customer may extend this system, to a maximum length of 15 Metres, using standard domestic 21.5 mm overflow tubing and connectors, readily and cheaply available from B&Q, Plumb-Centre, and most D.I.Y. stores

Price £295    -    N.A.T.O. Order Code: 6515_99_547_8183




SPHERASORB, Soda Lime. Low dust, low flow resistance.
Pink to white. 

Spherasorb is made of 3-4mm smooth-surfaced spheres, processed to minimise potential dusting. Its uniform shape allows consistent bed packing, resulting in a more even flow of anaesthetic gases, with less resistance to flow, through the absorber. 
Order PC-2174
 5Kg Soda Lime in plastic dispenser.      Price £24.00
Order PC-2172
1Kg Soda Lime in plastic bags.              Price £  4.80


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