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We manufacture and market a very wide range of new Anaesthetic Machines, designed specifically for the Veterinary Profession. Our range includes: Wall-mounted; Portable; Trolley based; O2 only; O2 + N2O; Cylinder feed; Piped gas feed. Whatever you want, we probably already make it! If you have special requirements, just ask us for a quote.

RCVS Practice Standards, April 2010, item 5.7. The Practice must have equipment for the administration of Oxygen and the safe maintenance of anaesthesia. (Best practice).

We offer budget machines, with ball type flowmeter, to satisfy the basic requirements of RCVS Core Practices (Tier 1)
“Equipment for the administration of Oxygen and the safe maintenance of anaesthesia and resuscitation must be appropriate for the species being treated.“

We offer more sophisticated machines that meet the higher standards required for RCVS accredited General Practices and Veterinary Hospitals. (Tiers 2 & 3).

“There must be a source of Oxygen and Emergency Oxygen Flush with reducing valve, Rotameter and Vaporizer. Temperature-compensated Vaporizers must be used. The use of uncompensated vaporizers is not permitted except when used in-circuit such as in the Stephens machine.“

The term ROTAMETER refers specifically to a Variable-area flowmeter, with a rotating ‘bobbin’ in a calibrated glass tube, which has a tapered bore. The taper of the bore of the rotameter tube may be constructed so that it varies in order to elongate part of the scale. This usually facilitates greater resolution at lower flow-rates.
The term Rotameter does not include ball-type indicators. Ball-type flowmeters are therefore not acceptable for RCVS approved General Practices or Veterinary Hospitals (Tiers 2 & 3).


We supply the following Anaesthetic machines, for further information, click on the links:

  • The ECONOVA range of Anaesthetic machines for size 'F' cylinders
  • The SUPERNOVA and RENOVA ranges of Anaesthetic machines for size 'E' cylinders
  • The PORTANOVA and MURANOVA ranges of Portable and Wall Mounted Anaesthetic machines